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Below are the GENERAL areas in Physics in need of your philanthropy. If you wish to donate to one of these umbrella groups, simply click on the fund name. You will then be connected to a secure UW Foundation electronic donor page where the name of the fund you selected will automatically be entered in the funding information box.

Physics Newton Fund - This is a general, unrestricted fund administered by the Department Chair. The purpose of this fund is to aid the Department of Physics in its research, teaching and public service roles. Greatly in need of increased income, due to larger than usual expenditures. Fund No. 1269172.

Undergraduate Research Support - Physics Board of Visitors Fund for Undergraduate Research - The purpose of this fund is to support undergraduate research in the Physics Department with awards that will assist directed study projects in pure and applied physics, multidisciplinary projects linking physics to such fields as biology, engineering, business, and creative expression, and participation in related conferences. Fund No. 12697824.


If you wish to be more SPECIFIC in directing your donation, please read through the following fund descriptions and click on the fund name. You will then be connected to a secure electronic donor page where the name of the fund you selected will automatically appear in the funding information box.


Departmental Support - Specific

The Barschall Enterprise Fund - Established in 2005 by Alumnus Jay Davis in honor of the late Emeritus Professor Heinz Barschall, this unrestricted fund will provide the Physics Department Chair with flexibility in areas of need and opportunity when recruiting senior researchers to faculty. Fund No. 12694421

Chun Lin Atomic Collision Research Fund - Established in 2007 by Professor Lin to encourage and support research on the physics of collision processes of electrons with atoms and molecules, as well as their application to studies of the microscopic behavior of weakly ionized gases.

Quantum Computing Reserch Center Fund - To be used for research in Quantum Computing in the Department of Physics. Fund No.12697999

The Wonders of Physics - Established in 1984, the mission of the Wonders of Physics is to generate interest in physics among people of all ages and backgrounds. The Wonders of Physics (TWOP) is an entertaining and educational program, demonstrating key elements of physics. The programs consist primarily of live demonstrations of the key concepts of physics: motion, heat, light, sound, electricity, magnetism, and modern physics. In 2012 TWOP presented over 150 shows and workshops for over 26,000 people. Fund No. 12698078

Friends of the L.R. Ingersoll Museum of Physics - Established in 2004. The historical Leonard R. Ingersoll Physics Museum was originally established in 1917. Eventually it was housed in two rooms in Sterling Hall. Your donations to this fund will support the acquisition and construction of new exhibits for the expanded museum in Chamberlin Hall. In addition, funds will be used to support activities of the "Friends of the Ingersoll Physics Museum," including creation of a student tour guide program for visiting school groups. Fund No. 12694069

Elementary Particle Physics Institute - The purpose of this fund is research and program advancement in the Department of Physics. Fund No. 12691418

Physics Community-Building Fund - To be used by Chair for purpose of establishing and reaffirming a sense of community among the faculty, staff, students and alumni of the department. Fund No.12694622


Undergraduate Support - Specific

Fay Ajzenberg-Selove Scholarship Fund - This fund will support undergraduate women majoring in or planning to major in astronomy, physics, or astrophysics. A committee with representation from Physics and Astronomy will determine the recipient of this award. Fund No. 12691618

Dr. Maritza Irene Stapanian Crabtree Undergraduate Scholarship - This fund was created in honor of the late Maritza Stapanian Crabtree, a former graduate of the UW–Madison (BS '71) to offer other talented young people a chance to follow their dreams. Maritza worked as an undergraduate research assistant in the UW Space Physics Lab when attending UW and went on to be one of the first women admitted to the graduate program in planetary science at CIT. This scholarship is awarded based on merit and need. Fund No. 12693412

Bernice Durand Undergraduate Research Scholarship - Established in 2003, this undergraduate research scholarship will be giving preference to women or to ethnic minorities in Physics and Astronomy. Fund No. 12693561

Henry & Eleanor Firminhac Physics Scholarship Fund - Former UW graduate, the late Ralph Firminhac (BS '41, MS '42), created this scholarship in memory of his parents, Henry & Eleanor Firminhac. This endowed fund has financial need as the primary consideration, followed by a genuine interest in physics and ability to obtain a degree. Fund No. 12693645

Liebenberg Family Research Scholarship Fund in Physics - This scholarship will be awarded annually based on merit to a junior majoring in Physics, AMEP, or Astronomy, with preference given to a student interested in Condensed Matter Physics. This scholarship opportunity is for the purpose of promoting undergraduate summer research opportunities. This scholarship may continue through his/her senior year with support for research and travel. Fund No. 12692683


Graduate Support - Specific

Cornelius P. and Cynthia C. Browne Endowed Fellowship Fund - This fund benefits the Department of Physics for graduate student financial support. Special preference will be given to students pursuing degrees in Experimental Nuclear Physics or Experimental Physics. Fund No. 12692082

Joseph R. Dillinger Teaching Award - The purpose of this fund is to provide an annual award to an outstanding teaching assistant in the Department of Physics. Fund No. 12691359

Albert R. Erwin, Jr. - Casey M Durandet Graduate Student Fund - The fund supports graduate students working in experimental high energy physics. Preference will be given to women, applicants with financial need and/or students who may be disadvantaged, and to those showing strong desire and promise. A student whose undergraduate career may have started off slowly, but who demonstrated steady improvement, should be given extra consideration. Fund No. 12697201

Elizabeth S. Hirschfelder Endowment for Physics - The purpose of this fund is to assist women graduate students in Physics at UW - Madison. Fund No. 12693190

Karl Guthe Jansky & Alice Knapp Jansky Fellowship - Physics/Astronomy - Instituted in 2002, this award will alternate annually between an outstanding student in the Physics Department and an outstanding student in the Astronomy Department who is pursuing an advanced degree. Preference will be given to a student particularly interested in astrophysics/radio astronomy. Fund No. 12693017


Descriptions of other Selected UW Foundation
Physics Accounts

Jeff and Lily Chen Wisconsin Distinguished Graduate Fellowship - Created by former University of Wisconsin graduates, Jeff & Lily Chen, this fund provides support to an outstanding graduate student in the Department of Physics.

Raymond G. & Anne W. Herb Endowment for Physics - Created by a former Emeritus Physics Professor and University of Wisconsin graduate, Ray Herb, & his wife, Anne, this fund provides the opportunity to promote advances in Materials Science at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Raymond G. and Anne W. Herb Wisconsin Distinguished Graduate Fellowships (2) - Created by a former Emeritus Physics Professor and University of Wisconsin graduate, Ray Herb, & his wife, Anne, this fund provides the opportunity to promote advances in Material Science at the University of Wisconsin-Madison through the funding of Physics research assistants in this field.

Van Vleck Fellowship in Physics - This fund supplements the Department of Physics with additional dollars needed for graduate student financial support

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