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General Course Information - Fall 2013

(Last modified 8/5/2013)

Prerequisites: Calculus (Math 221 acceptable with instructor permission but Math 222 preferred.  This class is intended primarily for prospective physics, AMEP, astronomy-physics majors (with a strong math background). Students will receive degree credit towards the major for only one of the following: Physics 201, 207 or 247

Materials Needed:

  • Text:  Physics for Scientists and Engineers with Modern Physics, 6th edition, P. Tipler and G. Mosca 
    Print ISBN-10: 0-7167-8964-7  ISBN-13: 978-0-7167-8964-7 plus a subscription to Webassign (should be $35)                   NOTE:  The UW Book Store should have this bundle of the text and the on-line homework subscription.

    Tipler PSE 6e Extended + WebAssign 12M


    $150.00 US/CDN

  • Lab manual: Rollefson and Richards, Laboratory Experiments in General Physics (hard copy optional, on-line version at
  • Lab notebook: Primarily used for taking notes. Thus a small spiral bound notebook is acceptable. Bring it to your first laboratory meeting.
  • Calculator: Any good scientific calculator is fine. Know how to use it, and make sure batteries are charged for exams.
Tipler and Mosca image


9:55-10:45 am MWF in 2241 Chamberlin Hall

Attendance is required.  The lectures supplement but do not substitute for the reading.  We will assume that you have already read the relevant chapter before the lecture. 

Honors: Students enrolled in honors are expect to attend the Physics 207 honors lectures (8:50 am in room 2213 Chamberlin Hall) plus work on a special project.

Prof. Michael Winokur  5106 Chamberlin Hall,,   263-7475
Office Hours: by appointment in 5106 Chamberlin Hall
Prof. Baha Balantekin  5277 Chamberlin Hall,,   263-7931
Office Hours: TBD

Discussion sections:

Your discussion section will be led by your TA who will be your prime contact and source of assistance.  Course instructors will also occasionally be in attendance.

Office/phone Discussion
(4136 Ch)
Lab (4136 Ch)
Kenneth Rudinger
TBD 601 W 1:20-2:10PM
602 R 1:20-2:10PM
603 F 1:20-2:10PM
301 M 1:20-4:15PM
302 T 1:20-4:15PM
303 W 2:25-5:20PM


You should read through the "General Instructions" in the laboratory manual (pages 1-3). 

The laboratory is in 4136 Chamberlin Hall.  Further information about the lab can be found at 207 Lab Server  ( You are required to have a valid excuse for making up any specific lab.  Make-up slots are scheduled during exam weeks. Two missed labs or one, without a valid excuse, will lower your final grade by one letter step.  Having three missed labs is unacceptable and will result in a failing course grade.


Homework is assigned each week and typically due Friday at Midnight.  This course will employ the on-line server at  Note that you will need to pay extra for access to this server if you have purchased a used book.  

Evening exams:

Evening exams (90 minutes starting at 7:15 PM) will be given on:
Oct. 10
Chapters   1-6  
Nov. 14
Chapters   7-10,SR
The exams will be closed-book, but you are allowed one single-sided handwritten 8 1/2 x 11-inch sheet of notes per exam (i.e., Nov. 14 -- 2 sheets, final -- 3 sheets). The exams will be graded over the weekend (if possible) and should be handed back in your first discussion session of the following week. Solutions will be posted at the course learn@uw site.

Final Exam:

The Final Exam will be at 12:25-2:25 PM on Thursday Dec. 19th, location TBA.
The exam will be semi-cumulative and cover (Chapters 1-16, SR) with ~20% from chapters 1-6, ~20% from 6-10,SR and the rest from Chapters 11-17.  You will be allowed up to three 8 1/2 x 11-inch sheets of notes.


The course grade will consist of the following components:
Evening exams (two)
   18% each
Final exam
Discussion      9%


Additional Information

* Physics Lab Server
* Comments on Grading
* Statement about Academic Misconduct
* UW Physics Club (free tutoring)
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