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Chapters from books can be found in this page and if not books are on reserve in the Physics Library.


Introduction: questions in Astroparticle


Connecting quarks with the cosmos

Special relativity readings:

Cosmology and Particle Astrophysics, by Bergstrom & Goobar (Ch 1-2)

Gravity: An Introduction to Einstein's General Relativity, by Hartle (Ch 3,4,5)

Grupen Astroparticle Physics Ch 3

Readings on HW 1 Exercise 2: Glashow resonance and neutrino deep inelastic cross section Gandhi et al paper on Deep Inelastic scattering of neutrinos and original paper by Glashow on the resonance of the anti-electron neutrinos
Gravitation readings:

Perkins, Particle Astrophysics, Oxford Master Series (Second edition) Ch 2, 5, 7

Cosmology and Particle Astrophysics, by Bergstrom & Goobar (Ch 4 and 8)

Grupen Astroparticle Physics (Ch 8-9-10)

Data Particle Book Reviews

WMAP paper

Dark Matter readings

Material for Prof. Xerxes Tata's Lecture: Dark Matter and the LHC

Review on Particle Dark Matter: Evidence, Candidates and Constraints (Bertone, Hooper and Silk)

Supersymmetric Dark Matter (G. Jungman, M. Kamionkowski and K. Griest)

CDMS-II detector paper

CDMS Results on DM: slides and paper

Xenon 10 results (see HW2)

Review on Liquid Xe Detectors

DAMA annual modulation results

Interpreting DAMA and CDMS

Many articles on the electron excess and its interpratation are linked to this page (ask the password to me)

HW2: read this useful document on Montecarlo techniques
HW4: a discussion on methods for estimating parameters Slides . A book with a good discussion is B.P. Roe, Probability and Statistics in Experimental Physics. Probability review and on Statistics and Parameter Estimation from the Data Particle Book.
Cosmic Ray Readings

A speculation on source of CRs being superbubbles

A review that explains the energy budget of CRs and their sources and on Neutrino Telescopes

Fermi Acceleration:

Ch 11 TK Gaisser book on Cosmic Rays

Chapter 21 The acceleration of High Energy Particles , High Energy astrophysics (M. Longair, V2)

See also the Library Readings where there is the Fermi acceleration mechanism as done in Ch 2 of Rosswog and Bruggen's book

Review on CRs from the Data Particle Book

A recent review on CRs by Blumer, Engel and Horandel


Detectors and Interaction particles/radiation with Matter

Leroy & Rancoita, Principles of radiation interaction in matter and detection. Only a part of the book is available here, the rest is in the Library web page.

Interaction radiation matter from K. Kleinknecht Detectors for particle radiation

Review in data particle book on Passage of particles through matter

Ch 2 Gas Processes and Ch 3 Individual radiation processes from Rosswog and Bruggen High energy astrophysics

Review in data particle book on Particle Detectors at accelerators

Review in data particle book on Particle Detectors for non-accelerator physics


Gamma Astronomy

Very High energy gamma ray astronomy by Trevor Weeks (eg Pulsars in Ch 8)

A paper on Gamma-ray emission from SNR RXJ 1713.7-3946 and neutrino prediction from the same model

A review on recent observations by D. Torres

A review on IACTs by Hinton

A review on EAS detectors by G. Sinnis

Review on Microquasars by Mirabel

See Bruggen and Rosswog chapters on Pulsars, binaries and GRBs in the Library section

SN Collapse

A paper on neutrino detection in IceCube

One of the first papers proposing the idea of detecting SN neutrinos in the ice

An idea on coincident detection of neutrinos from SN and GW

Neutrino Astronomy and Neutrino - Gamma connection

A paper on calculation of neutrino fluxes from gamma ones for galactic sources in the FoV of Mediterranean detectors

An example of calculation for an orphan flare from 1ES 1959+650

An example of calculation of neutrino fluxes from gamma fluxes for RX J1713.7-3946

Review on Neutrino Fluxes by J Becker

A recent review on Neutrino Astronomy and Neutrino Telescopes

Other reviews from Neutrino Unbound

Solar neutrino review from Data Particle Book


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