UW-Physics Backups

The UW Physics provides a backup service using the EMC Networker. We also utilize AFS backup volumes for quickly recovering "last night's files" in our AFS file space.   If you need AFS files restored, please let us know ASAP. Recovering files from AFS backup volumes is very easily done; whereas recovering older AFS files is time consuming. We offer our backup service to faculty and staff. To request backups, please contact .

with the computer's hostname. (We can give it one if it does not already have one.)  We will then configure the server to backup your computer.

Windows Download the 32-bit or 64-bit Windows client, as appropriate.  Extract the archive and run setup.exe . These are the important options "Configure Windows Firewall", "Install Client", do not install "Connect EMC".  Otherwise click "next".
Type legato.physics.wisc.edu in the box "Enter a server name", push "Add", then "Next". Leave "Journal Change Manager" checked, push "Next" then "OK".

Macintosh Download the installer. Double-click on installer to run it. Click "Continue" multiple times and then "install" to accept defaults. Open Terminal and paste this to the command line:
sudo sh -c "echo "legato.physics.wisc.edu" > /nsr/res/servers"
Enter your password when prompted. (This specifies that only the department's server can backup the computer's data.)

Linux Download an appropriate package: deb 32-bit, deb 64-bit, rpm 32-bit, rpm 64-bit. Install. Start the networker service:
sudo /etc/init.d/networker start
Then specify that only the department's server can backup the computer's data:
sudo sh -c "echo "legato.physics.wisc.edu" > /nsr/res/servers"

Uninstalling TiBS

If you have AFS installed run the following command from a terminal to uninstall TiBS:
sudo /afs/physics.wisc.edu/apps/tibs-next/uninst.sh
Otherwise contact .


Here are some important points about our backup service you should know...

  1. Backups attempts are made daily.  Desktops and servers backups start in the middle of the night.  Laptop backups begin every 15 minutes (but only one backup is made per client per day).
  2. If your computer was unavailable or becomes unavailable while a backup is in progress, then the server will try again the next day.  No data is saved from the failed attempt.
  3. Full backups are made during the first weekend of each month. This can take quite awhile.  A typical rate is 35MB/sec. Point 2 continues to be relevant here: If a full backup cannot be completed, your computer is not backed up!
  4. Mobile devices such as laptops that are frequently disconnected from the network are problematic. Backing up documents via Box may be a better option.
  5. Backups are retained for a half year.
  6. In general we do not backup filesystems (disks) mounted under /Volumes (e.g. on computers running MacOS-X.) Please contact us if you need a disk mounted under /Volumes backed up.
  7. Our backup service has limited resouces. Should your backup sets grow too large, we will need to adjust how your system is backed up.

If you'd like help with backups, or have any questions or comments, please don't hesitate to contact . (Note that you must send mail from a .edu, cern.ch, or desy.de mail account.)

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