1: Our main text is "Physics for Scientist and Engineers" (8th edition) by Serway/Jewett. We are going to use chapters 23-38.  There are a few options to obtain this text (see below).

2: For labs, we are suing Physics 201 Laboratory Manual by Rollefson, Richards, and Winokur. You can get it at the University Bookstore.

3:For homework, you need to purchase WebAssign access code either from the bookstore or at WebAssign.net directly. 

Below I list a few options for Serway/Jewett and WebAssign, our main recommendation is option 1 or 2.


1)Bundle:Unbound, 3 hole punch rebind of Serway:PHYSICS FOR SCIENTISTS AND ENGINEERS,VOLUME 2, CHAPTERS 23-39 only with Enhanced WebAssign Homework and E-Book Printed access card for Single Term of MultiTerm course ISBN 9781111700508
Available only at University Bookstore. Best value option. Reduced pricing for UW-Madison students.

 Or if student does not want a print book:

2)Printed access code for Enhanced WebAssign 1 semester access code/Serway YouBook(e-book)---no print book in this option.  Printed access codes available only at University Bookstore.



978-0538-73808-8 (0538738081)


3) Hardcover edition of the Serway/Jewett vol. 2 only. This is more expensive than the 3-hole special edition in option 1 above.

4) Hardcover single volume edition of the Serway/Jewett. This is the most expensive option.  But it is good for those  previous Physics 201 students who have it already.   Please note that you'll still need to purchase the WebAssign code even if you have already used copy of the text.


In addition, we will also cover Chapter 16 but the publisher has agreed to provide an electronic version of that chapter so you do  not need to purchase it separately.

Chapter 16 Available 2 ways:
1)Via the link below free access for UW students
2)Via Enhanced WebAssign YouBook(interactive e-book) included with the Enhanced WebAssign access codes