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Labs start the week of Jan 26. A combination of numerical exercise and laboratory experiments will be carried out in a weekly 3 hour laboratory session. They will be held on:

1. LAB 301 1:20pm-4:15pm on Mondays

2. LAB 302 1:20pm-4:15pm on Tuesdays

in 3136 Chamberlin. You are required to keep a lab notebook for laboratory write-ups.

You can find all the material you will need in the Lab below.

Week of Lab Description Lab Manual Data Studio File and other material Question sheet
Jan 20 None First week of classes      
Jan 26

Lab 1

To study propagation of transverse waves in a stretched string.

To calculate the velocity of sound from measurement of the wavelength in air for sound of a certain frequency.



  Question sheet
Feb 2 Lab 2 Diffraction and interference: You will use diffraction and interference to directly demonstrate the wave nature of light. LC-1 Lab2Settings Question sheet
Feb 9 None Exam week. Possible make-up of missed labs


Feb 16 Lab 3

Two slit interference, One photon at a time. This lab is about Wave-Particle Duality


  Manual and Questions
Feb 23 Lab 4

Electrostatics: Electric charges, fields and potential. Here you first explore charging objects and sign of charge and then you explore the relationship between electric fields and potentials, and experimentally map the relation between electric fields and electric potential using a sheet of graphite paper.

EC-1 Part II


EM Simulator Question sheet
Mar 2 Lab 5

Atomic spectroscopy and the Balmer series: you will use a spectrometer to measure the wavelengths (and hence the energies) of photons emitted when hydrogen and mercury atoms make transitions between their quantized energy levels




  Question sheet
Mar 9 None Exam week. Possible make-up of missed labs      
Mar 16 None Spring Break: no labs      
Mar 23 Lab 6

Radiation and its interaction with matter: to study and measure the occurence of random events and investigate radioactivity



  Question sheet
Mar 30 Lab 7

Capacitor circuits : In this lab you investigate properties of capacitors and capacitor circuits.


   Question sheet
Apr 6 Lab 8

Magnetic fields and forces: you investigate the force on a moving charged particle by a constant magnetic field, and use this to measure the charge-to-mass ratio (e/m) of electrons.



  Question sheet 
Apr 13 Lab 9 Frank and Hertz Experiment: this experiment demonstrates the quantization of atomic energy levels

from Phys307 Lab manual   Question sheet  
Apr. 20 None Exam week. Possible make-up of missed labs      
Apr 27 Lab 10 Magnetic induction: Here you investigate Lenz' law and the Faraday effect. Both of these arise from the generation of an electromotive force  by a time-varying magnetic flux.


   Question sheet
May 4 Lab 11

Polarization: In this lab you investigate polarization of visible light, both linear and circular. The polarization indicates the direction of the electric and magnetic fields in the electromagnetic wave. Different polarizations can be absorbed differently in some materials, making polarized light a useful probe.


May 11 None No lab: finals week      




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