Physics 551: Solid State Physics


Physics 551 covers the structure and properties of:
  • Metals
  • Insulators
  • Semiconductors
  • Electronic states and lattice dynamics and transport properties are treated from a physically motivated perspective. Choices of specific topics to be covered will vary with different instructors and include:
  • Superconductivity
  • Magnetism
  • Low-Dimensional Physics
  • Surface Physics
  • Course Goals

    The course goals are to provide essential background for beginning research in condensed matter physics and materials science as well as to prepare students for the advanced solid state courses Physics 751 and 752.

    Target Audience & Prerequisites

    This course is intended for graduate students or advanced undergraduate students interested in condensed matter physics. The course assumes a good undergraduate knowledge of quantum mechanics and electricity and magnetism.


    The book historically used for the course is Introduction to Solid State Physics, by Kittel, but another text recently used is Solid-State Physics: An Introduction to Principles of Materials Science, by Ibach and Luth.


    Coursework includes homework assignments and exams.
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