Peer Learning Association

The Peer Learning Association (PLA) is a professional student organization that establishes and runs free small group study sessions led by Peer Facilitators. In these sessions, students have the opportunity to test their understanding of course material by presenting their understanding of key topics to classmates in an informal setting. Topic lists are assigned weekly and students can easily prepare for them as part of their normal studying.

Past PLA participants have expressed how much PLA helped them grasp the Physics material. Comments from past participants include: 

"Without PLA, I would have been completely lost in Physics. It is not the easiest subject to grasp, so having a fun and inclusive group of like-minded students was extremely beneficial for me. A lot of people I talked to who were also in the course didn't even know PLA existed, but if they had, they definitely would have utilized some resources."

"This is a fantastic organization. I could not have survived without it!"

The PLA is currently available to students who are enrolled in the Fall 2019 Physics 103 or 104 course.

For more information and to sign up please visit the Peer Learning Association website or email Colin Guest ("

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