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Physics 545 Fall 2021 Reference Page

Introduction to Atomic Structure

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StudentsUndergraduate, advanced
BreadthPhysical Science
L&S CreditCounts for L&S degree
Counts in 50% grad coursework
Nuclear atom; hydrogen atom; Bohr-Sommerfeld model, wave model, electron spin, description of quantum electron spin, description of quantum electrodynamic effects; external fields; many-electron atoms; central field, Pauli principle, multiplets, periodic table, x-ray spectra, vector coupling, systematics of ground states; nuclear effects in atomic spectra; interaction with coherent radiation, optical forces, laser cooling and trapping. Enroll Info: None
PHYSICS 448 or concurrent enrollment, PHYSICS 531 or concurrent enrollment, or graduate/professional or special student standing
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001Shimon KolkowitzTR 02:30 pm - 03:45 pm2223 Chamberlin