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Introduction to Quantum Computing

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StudentsGraduate, basic
L&S CreditDoes not count for L&S degree
Counts in 50% grad coursework
A detailed introduction to quantum computation and quantum information processing. Basic topics of quantum mechanics that are most relevant to quantum computing, particularly measurement theory. Specialized topics such as entanglement, other measures of quantum correlation and the Bell inequalities. Classical and quantum information theory, classical and quantum complexity theory. Qubits, quantum gates, quantum circuits. Teleportation, quantum dense coding, quantum cryptography. Quantum algorithms: Deustch, Simon, Shor, Grover, and adiabatic algorithms. Basic quantum error correction: 5-qubit, Steane and Shor codes. Enroll Info: Completion of one undergraduate course in quantum mechanics recommended, such as PHYSICS 448 or 531.
Graduate/professional standing
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001Mark SaffmanTR 11:00 am - 12:15 pm2120 Chamberlin