Windows AFS setup

OpenAFS 1.7 on WinXP,  Win7, and Win8
Download and Install Kerberos
  1. Download and install Kerberos for Windows here.  
  2. Click "next", "accept", etc until the program is installed. If "Close Running Processes" appears with AFS Credentials Manager listed, open Task Manager and end process afscreds.exe .
Download AFS

Download current AFS 1.7x from

The 32-bit package is not needed.

Install & Configure AFS

After running the installer, choose "Custom"
Be sure "Authentication for AFS" will be installed.
Be sure "Client configuration tool" will be installed. (Control Panel applet)

Choose New Settings.
 default cell:
 Integrated login        disabled
 afs crypt security      enabled
 freelance mode          enabled
 lookup cells in DNS     enabled

 "Start AFS Credentials at Startup" : do not check. (If checked will open an AFS credentials prompt upon login.)
All the rest should be checked except "Show credentials window on startup".

There is a Control Panel applet that can be used to change default cell after installation.

Map useful folders to drive letters.  Do not use OpenAFS context menus which claim to map a folder to a drive letter. Instead use Window's standard tool: Instructions here

Obtain AFS token
  1. Start the "Authentication" program in the OpenAFS Start Menu folder
  2. Enter your username and password.
  3. Tokens for more than one user can be gotten by pushing the "Obtain new tokens" button. Each user's token will be displayed in a different tab.

If this is not working for you, please send an email to

Accessing AFS folders

Open a Windows Explorer window.
In the address bar place this text:
and push "Enter".

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