UW-Physics AFS

The UW Physics provides a remote file sharing service via AFS.

AFS is a distributed filesystem which provides location independence, scalability, security, and transparent migration capabilities. It’s available for a broad range of systems, including Linux, MacOS-X and Microsoft Windows.

Other operating systems, follow the standard setup instructions on OpenAFS website.
Cell: physics.wisc.edu
(Cell alias: physics)

Our AFS files may be accessed on AFS-enabled computers via this path

If you want a UW-Physics AFS account, or would like help installing or configuring AFS, contact help@physics.wisc.edu.

To change your AFS password, follow the instructions here.

The Department’s Linux servers may be used to access AFS, including your own home directory stored in AFS. To do so, ssh to login.physics.wisc.edu using your AFS username and password. On a Windows computer, you can use an ssh client such as PuTTY or the UNIX-style ssh command in Cygwin. On a Mac, you can use ssh from the Terminal app found in Applications/Utilities. See the Introduction to Linux for detailed examples and help on getting started using AFS in a Linux environment.