Once More, Into the Breach

In 1986 and 1988 Henry (Heinz) Barschall, a respected nuclear physicist at the University of Wisconsin, editor of Physical Review C and what was then the APS Publications Oversight Committee, wrote articles in Physics Today that presented the results of a study of the cost of library subscriptions to physics journals. The consequences of Barschall’s studies provide a cautionary tale on what can go wrong when scientific and commercial interests collide.

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Prof. Duncan Carlsmith wins Kemper K. Knapp Bequest for Garage Physics

Professor Duncan Carlsmith has been awarded a $6000 from the Kemper K. Knapp Bequest for Garage Physics. The Knapp Bequest favors projects that cross departmental lines and have an impact on the educational and cultural life of the university community, particularly projects that benefit undergraduate students.

Prof. Peter Timbie wins Faculty Development Grant

Prof. Peter Timbie will work on new materials for Physics 103-104 in conjunction with the REACH program during Fall 2016.

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Cosmic Radio Bursts Yield First Clues About Their Origins

With the help of the world’s largest steerable radio telescope, a team of researchers that includes University of Wisconsin-Madison physicists has produced the first detailed portrait of a Fast Radio Burst – a brief but highly energetic pulse of radio waves from unknown sources in the distant universe.

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