Physics 321 - Electronic Circuits and Electronics

Physics 321 is an undergraduate level course in the basic fundamentals of circuit theory and electronic circuits. The course is taught with two 75 min lectures and one three hour laboratory session per week. There are 14 laboratory experiments covering basic measurement techniques, experimental verification of AC/DC circuit theorems, transient circuits, characteristics of semiconductor devices, transistor amplifiers, feedback techniques, oscillators, digital logic, and digital circuits. This course is designed to provide a sound background in the basic principles of electronic circuits and instruments and would be very desirable for any student contemplating working in a research laboratory. This course provides a solid foundation for a subsequent more advanced electronic course such as Physics 623. The text recently used is: "Introduction to Modern Electronics", by J.C. Sprott, a UW physics department faculty member. This book is out of print but is available in offset form, for purchase, by the Wisconsin Book Store. A useful book whch covers circuit theory and applications in more detail is "Introductory Electronics", by R.E. Simpson


Physics 202 0r 208 and Math 223.
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