531 Introduction to Quantum Mechanics

This course provides formal introduction to quantum mechanics at undergraduate level.


  • Historical Background
  • Experimental Basis
  • Schrodinger Equation
  • Application of Wave Mechanics
  • Bound-state problems
  • Hydrogen atom
  • Angular momentum
  • Quantum statistics
  • Perturbation theory and applications
  • Prerequisites

    Physics 311 and 322, and a course in modern physics, or equivalent, or consent of instructor. The course is not open to those who have had Physics 448.


  • The course takes off from where classical principles fail and mysteries of quantum physics set in.
  • The Schrodinger Wave Equation is introduced and one-dimensional model problems with potential barriers and the harmonic oscillator are solved.
  • The bra-ket notation and operator formalism is introduced.
  • Bound state problems in three dimensions: Hydrogen atom, Higher Z atoms, Molecules, Nuclei, Hadrons
  • Orbital and spin angular momentum and quantum statistics is explored
  • Perturbation theory and applications to bound states, scattering, and radiation problems are also studied.
  • Typical Texts

    S. Gasiorowicz, Quantum Physics, 2nd Edition.
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