Physics 623 - Electronic Aids to Measurement

Physics 623 is primarily intended for graduate students who will work in a research laboratory and require a basic background in electronic design and the use of electronic instruments.


The course covers the fundamentals of electronics including:
  • Circuit theory
  • Basic electronic components
  • The integration of components into practical circuits and measuring instruments.
  • Labs & Lectures

  • The course is taught with two 75 min lectures and one three hour laboratory session per week.
  • There are 14 laboratory experiments and you typically work with a lab partner.


    The experiments start with the use of basic components such as:
  • Transmission lines
  • Transistors
  • Amplifier circuits
  • They move on to experiments which include:
  • The study of feedback amplifiers
  • Oscillators
  • Electronic noise
  • The final third of the course is devoted to digital circuitry with experiments such as:
  • Analog /digital conversion
  • Computer circuit simulation
  • Programmable logic.
  • Text

    The text usually used is "The Art of Electronics" by P. Horowitz and W. Hill.


    Physics 321 or consent of instructor.
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