UW-Madison one step closer to harnessing the power of the sun through fusion research

For the first time, a fusion device at the University of Wisconsin in Madison has generated plasma, inching one step closer toward using nuclear fusion as a source of carbon-free energy.

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Tomorrow’s Quantum Hotbeds? 7 U.S. Cities That Could Incubate The Next Great Quantum Technology Ecosystem

Quantum EcosystemsInsider Brief The U.S. is a global powerhouse in quantum research and quantum entrepreneurship with quantum ecosystems emerging in several cities and regions. However, the country has the research acumen, the thirst for entrepreneurship and governments that encourage innovation to create even more quantum ecosystems. Quantum ecosystems tend to emerge from areas where there is […]

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Annual ‘Wonders of Physics’ show explores numbers in everyday life

“The Wonder of Physics,” an outreach program from the University of Wisconsin physics department, celebrated its 346th show last Saturday — called the “TH3 PHYS1C5 of NUMB3R5”— and performed dazzling physics experiments for an audience of people from all ages and backgrounds. According to the program, its events have impacted more than 300,000 people, including...

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