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UW-Physics Printer List

Below is a table with details about the UW Physics shared-use network printers.

Description Location HOST Name Hours Key Tray 1 Tray 2 Tray 3 RAM Other
 HP LaserJet 4200n 2320 Chamberlin  lp2.physics.wisc.edu  7:45-16:30  A  100-sheet  Letter 500-sheet  N/A  64MB
 Ricoh Aficio MP C4504 2320 Chamberlin  ricoh-2320.physics.wisc.edu  7:45-16:30  A  Letter  Letter  8.5 x 14  2GB duplexer, stapler (SR3090)
 HP Color LaserJet 5550dn 2320 Chamberlin  cp2.physics.wisc.edu  7:45-16:30  A  11x17 100-sheet  Letter 500-sheet  N/A  512MB
 Ricoh Aficio MP 6002 2335 Chamberlin  ricoh-2335.physics.wisc.edu  Always Locked  A  Letter  8.5 x 14  11 x 17  2GB duplexer, stapler (SR4060), hole punch
 HP LaserJet 5200dtn 3214 Chamberlin  lp3.physics.wisc.edu  7:45-18:00  HE  Manual Feed  Letter 250-sheet  Letter 500-sheet  128MB
 HP LaserJet 4200n 3214 Chamberlin  lp3b.physics.wisc.edu  7:45-18:00  HE  100-sheet  Letter 500-sheet  N/A  72MB
 HP LaserJet 4200n 3309 Chamberlin  lp-3309.physics.wisc.edu  Always Locked  AB  100-sheet  Letter 500-sheet  N/A  64MB
 Ricoh Aficio MP 2852 3309 Chamberlin  ricoh-3309.physics.wisc.edu  Always Locked  AB  Letter 500-sheet Letter 500-sheet  Manual Feed  1024MB

duplexer, stapler (SR3070)

Ricoh Aficio MP 5002 4284 Chamberlin  copy4.hep.wisc.edu  8:30-17:30  HE  Letter 500-sheet  Legal 500-sheet  Letter 500-sheet  1GB duplexer, stapler (SR3090)
 HP LaserJet 500 Color 551dn 4284 Chamberlin  cp4.physics.wisc.edu  8:30-17:30  HE  Manual Feed  Letter 500-sheet  Letter 500-sheet  
 HP LaserJet 4200dtn 5264 Chamberlin  lp5b.physics.wisc.edu  8:30-17:30  M23  100-sheet  Letter 500-sheet  Letter 500-sheet  192MB
 HP LaserJet 4200dtn 5220 Chamberlin  lp-5220.physics.wisc.edu  7:45-16:30  AA  Manual Feed


 HP Color LaserJet CP4025 5220 Chamberlin  cp-5220.physics.wisc.edu  7:45-16:30  AA  Manual Feed  Letter 500-sheet  N/A  96MB
 Ricoh MP 2553 5220 Chamberlin  ricoh-5220.physics.wisc.edu  7:45-16:30  AA  Letter 550-sheet  Letter 550-sheet  100-sheet bypass tray  1536MB duplexer, stapler (SR3352)
HP 5Si NX 6208 Chamberlin lp6.physics.wisc.edu  7:45-16:30 HE Manual Feed Letter 500-sheet 11x17 500-sheet   duplexer
 HP Color LaserJet 4600dn 6208 Chamberlin  cp6.physics.wisc.edu  7:45-16:30  M24 or 9  Letter 100-sheet  Letter 500-sheet  N/A  352MB


The UW Physics Department provides several photocopiers, some of which are networked. Locations:

  • 2320 Chamberlin - main office - color capable + color scanning
  • 2335 Chamberlin - restricted access - black & white + scanning
  • 3309 Chamberlin - grad computing lab - black & white + color scanning
  • 3290 Chamberlin - plasma office - black & white + scanning
  • 4284 Chamberlin - black & white + scanning
  • 5220 Chamberlin - black & white + color scanning

Printer driver software is available for some of these devices, allowing them to be used as printers. If you are interested, please contact help@physics.wisc.edu to see if it is available for your platform.

Posters and other large format printing

The Physics Department has a large format printer for producing posters. It is an Epson Surecolor T5270D UltraChrome XD Inkjet Dual Roll Printer with 2880x1440dpi resolution. The paper width is 36 inches and can be cut to any length. We have the usual 20# bond paper as well as thicker "enhanced matte" paper. Please contact help@physics.wisc.edu to set up an appointment to do the printing. You will need to bring a PDF file. Printing a poster only takes a few minutes, but plan on spending about 15 minutes in case there are any setup issues.

College Library provides large format printing services.

Chemistry also provides large format printing services, payable via a funding number.

Printers and Scanners in the Library

The Physics Library has printers and scanners available for use for a nominal fee.

Getting help

If you have any questions about printers, please email help@physics.wisc.edu. (Note that you must send mail from a .edu, cern.ch, or desy.de mail account.)

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