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Physics 115 Fall 2015 Reference Page

Energy and Climate

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Typically OfferedFall; Spring
StudentsUndergraduate, basic
BreadthPhysical Science
L&S CreditCounts for L&S degree
Gen-EdQuantitative Reasoning Part B

Introduction to energy, focusing on energy sources and their impacts on humans and the environment, particularly through climate change. Develop basic physics skills to form opinions on energy-related issues affecting the world as well as your own use of energy. Apply the physical principles of mechanics, heat, electricity, and atomic nuclei to various energy sources (fossil fuels, renewables, and nuclear) and their impacts.

Prerequisites: Satisfied Quantitative Reasoning (QR) A requirement. Not open to students with credit for PHYSICS 103, 201, 207, or 247.


001Vernon BargerMW 04:35 pm - 05:25 pm2103 Chamberlin


301Todd GaronR 01:20 pm - 02:10 pm2104 Chamberlin
302Todd GaronR 02:25 pm - 03:15 pm2104 Chamberlin
303Todd GaronR 03:30 pm - 04:20 pm2104 Chamberlin
304Todd GaronF 12:05 pm - 12:55 pm2104 Chamberlin
305Todd GaronF 01:20 pm - 02:10 pm2104 Chamberlin
306Todd GaronF 02:25 pm - 03:15 pm2104 Chamberlin