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Introduction to Solid State Electronics

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Typically OfferedFall; Spring
StudentsUndergraduate, advanced
L&S CreditCounts for L&S degree

An introduction to the physical principles underlying solid-state electronic and photonic devices, including elements of quantum mechanics, crystal structure, semiconductor band theory, carrier statistics, and band diagrams. Offers examples of modern semiconductor structures. Prior experience with MATLAB [such as E C E 203] is strongly encouraged but not required.

Prerequisites: (MATH 222 or 276) and (PHYSICS 202, 208, or 248), or member of Engineering Guest Students


001Irena KnezevicMWF 02:25 pm - 03:15 pm1227 Engr Hall


301Michelle King
Irena Knezevic
M 03:30 pm - 05:00 pm1227 Engr Hall