Physics Department Policy on Change of Grade

  1. A student who disputes the accuracy of a final course grade and who does not find satisfaction by informal approaches to the instructor may appeal to the department chair.
  2. The appeal must be made within the first four weeks of the semester following the grading.
  3. The appeal must be submitted in writing to the Department Chair ( and the Associate Chair.
  4. The Department Chair, or a delegate of the Chair, will request a written summary of the instructor’s case. The student may also be asked to submit a further written response.
  5. The Department Chair will make a final disposition of the appeal at the Department level by:
    • rejecting the appeal,
    • recommending that the instructor change the grade, or
    • prescribing a further examination or submission of work which the Department Chair finds is required to remove any ambiguities in the previous evaluation of academic performance. This may result in a meeting with the Department Chair, the instructor, and the student.
      Note: The decision to change a grade is ultimately up to the instructor, and the Department Chair cannot make a change to the grade.
  6. The decision of the Department will be communicated to the student in writing.