For the Public

Annual Physics Fair You are invited to attend the Annual Physics Fair held each February. This is an open house in which members of the public can come to learn about the research and teaching that are a part of our department. The Physics Fair includes laboratory tours, hands-on demonstrations, activities for kids and families, and informal conversations with scientists. We have exhibits representing research groups in the department as well as displays on more general physics topics. Additionally, the Ingersoll Physics Museum will be open and the Annual Wonders of Physics public presentations will take place. (Read More)


The Wonders of Physics The Wonders of Physics inspires interest in physics among people of all ages and backgrounds. The heart of the program is a fast-paced presentation of physics demonstrations carefully chosen to be entertaining as well as educational. For more information, performance schedule, and tickets visit: Wonders of Physics Home Page. For information on The Wonders of Physics Traveling Shows, please click here.


UWMadPhysics on Twitter Check out our Twitter Feed for Physics news and events.


Van Vleck Exhibit The UW Department of Physics has a three-part exhibit on the life of Physics Nobel Prize winner and former UW-Madison student John H. Van Vleck. The exhibit is in the main lobby of Chamberlin Hall (University Aveune Entrance). To read more about it, click here.


L. R. Ingersoll Museum The L.R. Ingersoll Museum of Physics, located in Chamberlin Hall, provides many opportunities to interact with interesting physics demonstrations. For all ages. For more information, visit the museum’s Web site: Ingersoll Museum Home Page


Expanding Your Horizons Program Expanding Your Horizons (EYH) is a one-day conference held annually at the University of Wisconsin-Madison for approximately 400 middle school-aged (6th-8th grades) girls from south-central Wisconsin. As part of a small group, each girl attends three career sessions as well as the opening session and closing activity. Expanding Your Horizons Home Page


Wave The signature art project by Peter Flanary for the newly remodeled Physics Department in Chamberlin Hall was installed on June 8, 2005. View photos that document the installation.


Newton’s Apple Tree A direct descendant of the apple tree that bore the falling fruit that inspired the notion of gravitation by Sir Isaac Newton was donated to UW-Madison by U.S. Rep. F. James Sensenbrenner and planted in a small botanical garden beside the Physics Department. To read more about it, see Newton’s Apple Tree.