Ryan Ash

Position title: Postdoc

Email: rash3@wisc.edu


Website: Bergmann Group

Research Interests: I am interested in using x-rays and extreme ultraviolet light to understand the photophysics of transition metal complexes and other condensed matter systems

Ryan got his bachelor’s degree from Colorado State University in Chemistry, where he started his research activities under Chuck Henry quantifying the concentration of toxic metals in water samples using paper-based devices. In 2016 he started graduate school at the University of Illinois under Josh Vura-Weis, where his research changed to studying the photophysics of transition metal complexes with transient extreme ultraviolet (XUV) spectroscopy. Ryan graduated from UIUC in 2020 and joined Uwe Bergmann’s group in the beginning of 2021, where he will build a transient XUV instrument to study the photophysics of condensed matter systems. His research interests include earth-abundant transition metal photosensitizers, active centers of metalloproteins, and next generation photovoltaic materials.