Electronics Shop

The Physics Electronics Shop does not sell parts to the public. We don’t do repairs for the public.

3336 Chamberlin Hall
1150 University Ave.
Madison, WI 53706
Phone: (608) 262-0527
FAX: (608) 262-3077
Hours: Monday–Friday, 8 am–4 pm

The Physics Department Electronics Shop provides the physics department with electronics services and supplies. Shop staff are available to repair complex electronic equipment, both analog and digital. Shop staff may also design and fabricate such equipment, as well as assist in schematic and PCB design using OrCAD. In addition, the shop maintains a well-stocked electronic parts store.

Electronics Shop Services

Stock Room of electronics parts (analog, digital, transformer, and etc.) Design (analog and digital circuit design) Repair (analog and digital)–see repair policy below PCB Board layout (OrCad, Isopro) In-house PCB Board prototype construction, using Quick Circuit 7000 (www.t-tech.com)–practical for simple boards

To make purchases in the Shop, you will need to log in with your UW NetID and provide project funding information. By using the Electronics Shop web app in the shop or online you may:


Shop Staff: Billy J. Gates, Jr. bjgates@wisc.edu Electronics Technician

Electronics Shop Policies

Priority of Services 1. Physics Instructional lab 2. Physics Research 3. Outside Physics


All repairs accepted by the Electronics Shop will have an initial evaluation within 5 working days. If the repair can be fixed during the evaluation period it will be, and the customer will be notified via email that the repair has been finished. If the repair can’t be fixed within the evaluation period, it will be scheduled into the repair queue and will be looked at according to priority as soon as possible. If the shop is able to fix the repair the customer will be notified by email or phone that it has been completed. The customer is expected to pick up the repair in a timely manner after notification. There is a nominal $10/hour charge for labor to control the work brought to the shop, and a maximum of 10 hours labor per repair. If the repair has exceeded the maximum labor, the customer will be notified (via email) to pick up the equipment and the customer can decide the next best course of action. In addition to labor, the customer is also responsible for expenses for parts used in fixing the equipment.

Electronics Shop expenses will be billed out once a month to the customer’s funding or grant. Please note: Our success is largely determined by information provided by the customer, and availability of parts. Please provide a schematic and any other available documentation when you bring in a repair. Our expertise is in general electronics and we do not possess the training to fix every electronics device that has ever been manufactured, but we’ll do our best.

Long-term projects: Fabrications, large jobs, design work–must be coordinated through the Shop Supervisor so that they may be worked into the schedule. All work orders of this type will be scheduled as time permits with FREE labor and the customer only paying for the parts and supplies that are used.

Shop Supervisor: Jim Reardon, jcreardon@wisc.edu, 262-0945.

Design, layout, advice…

These services are offered free of charge. Before coming down to the Electonics Shop, please read our FAQ