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Astronomy Colloquium
WISELI Talk - Sponsored by WOWSAP
Molecular Gas in High-Redshift Galaxies
Date: Tuesday, May 4th
Time: 3:30 pm - 5:00 pm
Place: 3425 Sterling Hall
Speaker: Meg Urry, YALE
Abstract: Fully understanding the evolutionary state of a galaxy requires that we characterize its gas reservoir, of which the molecular component represents the mass directly available for star formation. I will discuss observations of molecular gas in two populations of star-forming galaxies at high redshift-- Lyman break galaxies and submillimeter galaxies-- and what we can conclude from them. Looking ahead to the future, I will outline what we can expect to learn from observations with two new instruments: the "Zpectrometer" (an ultrawide-bandwidth 26-40 GHz spectrometer for the 100m Green Bank Telescope) and ALMA (the Atacama Large Millimeter Array).

Host: Astro Dept
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