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ECE 600 Seminar: Silicon Nanomembrane based Photonic Crystal Nanostructures for On-chip Open Sensor Systems
Date: Monday, April 23rd
Time: 3:30 pm
Place: Engineering Hall, Room 1800
Speaker: Prof. Ray Chen, University of Texas-Austin
Abstract: We experimentally demonstrate a myriad of devices on the silicon nanmomembrane based photonic crystal platforms for chip-integrated optical absorption spectroscopy and chip-integrated biomolecular microarray assays. Infrared optical absorption spectroscopy and biomolecular assays based on conjugate-specific binding principles represent two dominant sensing mechanisms for a wide spectrum of applications in environmental pollution sensing in air and water, chem-bio agents and explosives detection for national security, microbial contamination sensing in food and beverages to name a few. The easy scalability of photonic crystal devices to any wavelength ensures that the sensing principles hold across a wide electromagnetic spectrum. Silicon, the work horse of the electronics industry, is an ideal platform for the above optical sensing applications.
Host: Prof. Luke Mawst
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