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Atomic Physics Seminar
Faculty Candidate Seminar
Searching for Extraordinary Physics in Ordinary Places
Date: Tuesday, January 21st
Time: 4:00 pm
Place: 4274 Chamberlin Hall
Speaker: Michael Hohensee, UC Berkeley
Abstract: The Standard Model and General Relativity have proven to be extraordinarily good at describing the world we live in. Unfortunately, it is not yet clear how these theories are reconciled with one another at extremely high energies. This is one of the puzzles which motivates ongoing experimental and observational searches for new phenomena in high energy, astro-particle, gravitational, and precision measurement physics. Any deviation from the predictions of the Standard Model and General Relativity could point the way towards a unified theory. This talk will describe recent developments in precision tests of the fundamental symmetries underlying both the Standard Model and General Relativity using atomic physics techniques. As I will show, sometimes the most sensitive test of new physics doesn't require observing physics at very high energies, large distances, or extreme gravitational environments. Sometimes the best place to look for extraordinary physics is in what might at first seem to be a rather ordinary place.
Host: Thad Walker/Deniz Yavuz
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