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Astronomy Colloquium
"Precision Stellar Astrophysics: Asteroseismology and Large Spectroscopic Surveys"
Date: Thursday, May 5th
Time: 3:30 pm - 5:05 pm
Place: 4421 Sterling Hall, Coffee and cookies 3:30, Talk begins 3:45
Speaker: Dr. Marc Pinsonneault, Ohio State University
Abstract: Large time domain and spectroscopic surveys are revolutionizing stellar astrophysics. In this talk I will focus on the APOKASC project, involving a combination of asteroseismic and rotational data from the Kepler satellite and high-resolution H-band spectroscopy from APOGEE. Asteroseismology gives precise surface gravities and evolutionary state measurements, and the frequency pattern combined with spectroscopic data can also be used to independently measure mass, radius, and age. I critically assess the performance of asteroseismology against independent measurements, and also discuss the prospects for detailed tests of stellar physics (helium, convection zone depth, core mass and rotation.) Insights into stellar populations, such as spectroscopic mass estimates and an unexpectedly large fraction of young alpha-rich stars, will also be covered. Future and ongoing missions will be reviewed, and synergies with Gaia will be discussed.
Host: Professor Robert Mathieu
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