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CQE Seminar Series: A Commercial Perspective on Quantum Networks
Date: Wednesday, September 30th
Time: 11:00 am - 12:00 pm
Place: Virtual; contact for login info
Speaker: Warren Grice, Vice President of Research and Development, Quibitekk
Abstract: In the same way that today’s networks connect computing, sensing, and security assets to enhance their collective capabilities, quantum networks will one day do the same for quantum devices. The challenge of building a functional quantum network is formidable and will require contributions from the government, academic, and commercial sectors. Although there have been many technological advances in recent years, no one knows exactly what an eventual quantum network will look like. As a result, the quantum networks landscape today is a mixture of opportunity and uncertainty. Qubitekk is a small quantum technology company that is developing components that will one day be used in quantum networks. This talk will include a review of some of Qubitekk’s development efforts most relevant to quantum networks.
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