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Plasma Physics (Physics/ECE/NE 922) Seminar
Using Fundamental Turbulence Saturation to Improve Fast Transport Frameworks
Date: Monday, September 21st
Time: 12:00 pm
Place: Zoom Meeting
Speaker: M.J. Pueschel, Dutch Institute for Fundamental Energy Research & Eindhoven University of Technology
Abstract: Present-day simulation approaches for fusion plasmas can be performed with an impressive degree of physics fidelity, such as covering the dynamics of all particle species and almost all of the plasma volume at the same time. However, at this level of realism, extending a simulation to a single plasma confinement time would likely require all of our annual available computing resources. For important tasks such as real-time control or confinement optimization, we therefore use reduced models that evaluate fluxes in seconds or less, key among which rank quasilinear, or mixing-length, transport models, sometimes in conjunction with neural networks. In this seminar, quasilinear models are explored and how one may use different techniques to improve their predictiveness. A particular focus lies on recent successes in using saturation theory in conjunction with turbulence simulations to design corrections to the model that allow it to capture flux scalings at high plasma beta and near the critical pressure gradient, in the so-called Dimits regime. The physics of both of these scenarios have long eluded modelers and theorists, and in providing a predictive framework, we are able to identify the underlying physical mechanisms responsible for the complex observed behavior, which is linked to the nonlinear excitation of linearly stable eigenmodes.

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