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Plasma Physics (Physics/ECE/NE 922) Seminar
in present experiments
Date: Monday, September 28th
Time: 12:00 pm
Place: Zoom Meeting
Speaker: Dr. Alberto Loarte, Head of Science Division of the ITER Organization
Abstract: The ITER project aims to demonstrate the scientific and technological feasibility of fusion power for peaceful purposes and to gain the knowledge necessary for the design of next stage fusion reactors. The project is organized as an international research and development project with seven Members; the European Union (represented by EURATOM), Japan, the People’s Republic of China, India, the Republic of Korea, the Russian Federation and the USA. The overall aim of the ITER project is reflected in its three fusion power production goals (Q ≥ 10 gain for 300-500 s, Q ≥ 5 for 1000s and Q ≥ 5 for 3000s corresponding to steady-state tokamak operation) and associated fusion technology demonstration.
To define the plan of research and development and of the exploitation of the facility necessary to meet the ITER mission goals, the ITER Research Plan (IRP) has been elaborated. The IRP is divided into two main phases after First Plasma demonstration: operation in H/He plasmas (Pre-Fusion Plasma Operation (PFPO)) and in DD/DT plasmas (Fusion Plasma Operation (FPO)). These two main phases are subdivided into experimental campaigns, separated by further assembly phases, in which the tokamak ancillary systems (heating and current drive, fuelling, etc.) are progressively implemented to their baseline configurations to be completed before FPO (“Staged Approach”). The IRP describes the objectives of each operational campaign consistent with the available tokamak systems, details the experimental plan to achieve them (including options), and identifies the main risks of the experimental plan to achieve the objectives of each phase and corresponding mitigation actions.
The main physics objectives of the two initial experimental campaigns (PFPO-1 and PFPO-2) are the achievement of high confinement plasmas (H-mode) and the demonstration of plasma operation up to the ITER design values for plasma current (15 MA) and toroidal field (5.3T) in L-mode plasmas. These experiments will characterize for the first time energy and particle confinement in a tokamak plasma at the reactor scale, to compare with the extrapolations made on the basis of present experiments that have been used for the ITER design. The FPO campaigns cover a long operational period from the start of DD plasma operation, with the principal objectives being the demonstration of the Q = 10 inductive operation and Q = 5 operation with in-principle steady-state conditions. The experimental plan to proceed from DD towards DT plasmas builds on the results expected to be achieved in PFPO. It includes a verification of the L-mode 15 MA development path demonstrated in PFPO and the initial expansion of the H-mode operational space in DD plasmas from low values of current and toroidal field. This is followed by a gradual evolution toward DT plasmas with increasing T content plasmas leading to a demonstration of Q = 10 operation for a duration of 50 s. This initial phase is then followed by experimental campaigns focused on increasing the burn length of the inductive Q = 10 scenario towards the objective of 300-500s and the development of the in-principle steady-state Q = 5 scenarios, where the optimization of the pressure and plasma current profiles will be a main focus of the experimental programme.
The presentation will introduce the ITER project, describe progress in the construction of the ITER tokamak device and its ancillary systems and will describe the experimental and modelling R&D required to support the refinement or consolidation of the IRP in advance of its execution in ITER itself.

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