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PME Quantum Seminar Series: Digital Twins for Quantum Hardware: Multi-formalism and Mixed-signal
Date: Tuesday, June 28th
Time: 10:00 am - 11:00 pm
Place: For full info:
Speaker: Stefan Krastanov, UMass Amherst
Abstract: Half a century ago classical electrical engineering reached a level of sophistication and complexity that required new tooling and new methods in modeling of diverse physics, diverse computational regimes spanning the analog to digital, and even introduced "formal verification tools" that prove the "correctness" of a chip the same way you prove a mathematical theorem. We are already past the point where such tools are needed in quantum engineering. In this talk we will discuss how these modeling problems were addressed for classical hardware and present tools we have created for our new quantum challenges.

Stefan's work focuses on the modeling, control, and optimizations of the lower stacks of today's quantum computational and networking hardware. His works spans the design of control protocols for diverse hardware modalities, as well as the design of error detection and correction schemes for realistic noisy quantum circuits.
Host: CQE
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