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Quantum Materials Seminar
Date: Friday, October 20th
Time: 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm
Place: Rm. 5290, Chamberlin Hall
Speaker: Yuan Ping (Associate Prof.) and Dmitry Zverevich (Graduate Research Assistant, Levchenko Group), MSE and Physics, UW-Madison
Abstract: Dr. Yuan Ping will talk about "First-principles many-body theory for excited-state and quantum dynamics in solids", and Dmitry Zverevich will be presenting on "Thermal transfer enhancement by hydrodynamic plasmons in electron bilayers". This seminar was organized so that students, postdocs, and faculty working on various quantum materials could share their work and inspire new collaborative directions for research. Given the broad range of interests among faculty working on quantum materials, topics may vary from things like electrical transport studies of 2D to time-resolved THz spectroscopy measurements, to local measurements of the density of states for various quantum materials systems. Whatever the topic may be, we hope that participants will feel open to asking questions that facilitate cross-cutting ideas and be motivated to give talks on their own work as well.
Host: Dan Rhodes, MSE UW-Madison
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