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Scaling Technologies for Si/SiGe Quantum Dot Qubits
Date: Wednesday, April 24th
Time: 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm
Place: 5310 Chamberlin or
Speaker: Michael Wolfe, Physics Graduate Student
Abstract: In this talk, I will discuss several solutions to the scale-up problem for solid-state quantum computers. This work focuses on semiconductor quantum-dot qubits in Si/SiGe, which share material compatibility with the existing microprocessor industry. I will show how to leverage this compatibility through the fabrication of a classical on-chip multiplexer to reduce the number of wires needed to control an array of Si/SiGe quantum devices. I will demonstrate the power of the multiplexer by performing rapid device diagnostics across the device array, and discuss pathways to scale up a quantum processor by deploying this technology for multiplexed readout. Next, I will show how to control in-situ the threshold voltages of Si/SiGe devices using cryogenic illumination. This technique rearranges the trapped charge at the oxide-semiconductor interface, in turn improving the uniformity of the operating voltages of Si/SiGe devices which can greatly simplifying the operation of large arrays of quantum dot qubits.
Host: Mark Eriksson
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