R. G. Herb Condensed Matter Seminars

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Events During the Week of April 10th through April 17th, 2016

Monday, April 11th, 2016

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Tuesday, April 12th, 2016

Out-of -time-order correlators in solid state physics
Time: 10:00 am
Place: 5280 Chamberlin Hall
Speaker: Lara Faoro, CNRS
Abstract: Out-of-time-order correlators, introduced recently in the context of quantum gravity describe the delocalization of information in quantum systems. <br>
In classical chaotic systems, these correlators are known to grow exponentially with the Lyupanov exponent. I discuss the behavior of these correlators in canonical examples of solid state quantum chaotic systems: disordered electrons with and without phonon interaction. In conclusion, I discuss possible measurements of these correlators in superconducting systems.
Host: Robert Mcdermott
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Wednesday, April 13th, 2016

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Thursday, April 14th, 2016

Dynamically corrected entangling gates for spin qubits
Time: 10:00 am
Place: 5310 Chamberlin Hall
Speaker: Jason Kestner, UMBC
Abstract: Spin qubits have recently demonstrated high fidelity single-qubit rotations and relatively long coherence times in a variety of experiments. High fidelity two-qubit entangling operations are the next challenge on the path towards scalable universal quantum computation. In this talk, we present recent theoretical results for dynamical decoupling protocols that protect the generation of entanglement. For capacitive coupling, we show that access to a particular set of high-fidelity single-qubit gates is sufficient to eliminate a large portion of the coherent error coming from low-frequency hyperfine and charge noise during the basic two-qubit operation, bringing CNOT gate fidelity up to the level of single-qubit gate fidelities. We will also discuss how to produce the basic entangling operation and the necessary single-qubit operations, as well as extensions to other coupling types.
Host: Coppersmith
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Friday, April 15th, 2016

No events scheduled