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Organized by: Prof. Lu Lu

Events During April, 2021

   Thursday, April 1st
Danny Jacobs, Arizona State University
New results from the Hydrogen Epoch of Reionization Array
2:30 pm; , hosted by Peter Timbie
Presentation: zoom_20210401.txt
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   Thursday, April 15th
Arjen van Vliet, DESY Zeuthen, Germany
Ultra-high-energy cosmic rays and neutrinos, expectations for diffuse fluxes and arrival-direction correlations
2:30 pm; , hosted by Lu Lu
Presentation: zoom_20210415.txt
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   Thursday, April 22nd
Lesya Horyn, Fermilab
Searches for New Physics with Long Lived Particles
2:00 pm; Zoom: , hosted by Kevin Black
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   Thursday, April 29th
Leïla Haegel, Postdoctoral fellow at University of Paris & Swiss National Science Foundation
Searching for new physics during gravitational waves propagation
2:30 pm; online, hosted by Tianlu Yuan
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