Tutor List

Please see Undergraduate Tutoring for all tutoring options. The Physics Department maintains this list of available tutors for the convenience of students who feel they require private instruction. We suggest that such students first contact their TA and professor for help, and then if they feel they need additional instruction, utilize this additional resource. This is not an endorsement by the Department.

First NameLast NameEmailAvailable to tutorNot available to tutor
StephenMcKayAny undergraduate physics course
JustinEdwards103, 201
DeepakMallubhotlaAll physics courses
JacobScottAny undergraduate physics course.
BenHarpt103, 201
SamNorrellAll 100- and 200-level courses
AliciaMandAll 100 and 200 - level courses (excluding 104)PHYS104
JimenaGonzalez103, 104, 109, 201, 202, 207, 208
VEDANTBASUPhysics 103, Physics 104
SanghyeokParkAll physics courses
ZaynabYardimPHYS 103
YURIIKVASIUKany physics and math
RYANALBOSTA100-300 lv phys, 100-200 lv math
JesseOsbornPHYS 103, PHYS 104
UTKUSAGLAM100,200,300,400 level physics courses
DanielHeimsothAll undergrad courses
JackyYip100- and 200-level courses202
CALEBROBINSON100 and 200 Level Classes
DELANEYBUTTERFIELD103, 104, 201, 207
LeslieTaylor103, 104, 201, 202, 207, 208, lesliephysics.weebly.com
PriyadarshiniRajkumar103, 104
SAI CHAITANYATADEPALLI100,200, and 300 level course202
SpencerWeedenAll 100- and 200-level courses
CARTERFOXAll physics courses, especially 100 and 200 level
R.SassellaAll 100- and 200-level courses
JaglulHasanAny undergraduate physics course.PHY 202