CMS Upgrades approved

Phase-1 upgrades for the CMS detector, including the work of the UW CMS Trigger Team, are approved for construction with the attainment of the DOE Critical Decision 2/3 for a $43M project. Profs. Wesley Smith and Sridhara Dasu are leading the calorimeter trigger upgrade efforts at UW. The success is in part due to excellent hardware and firmware designed by UW engineers. Featured here is this year’s UW academic staff award winner Mr. Tom Gorski’s CTP7 board, sporting the highest-end Field Programmable Gate Arrays, Virtex-7 and ZYNQ from Xilinx Inc.

Using the Higgs boson to search for clues

Wisconsin postdoc Maria Cepeda and graduate student Aaron Levine were instrumental in this CMS study of non-standard model Higgs couplings in search of clues regarding new physics.

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