UW-Physics Applications Support

The UW-Physics IT staff recommends and supports the following software...

For reading PDF files: Acrobat

For high throughput batch computing: Condor

For browsing the web: FireFox

For compiling C, C++ and Fortran code: GNU Compilers

For data acquisition and instrument automation: LabVIEW

For numerical and symbolic computations: Mathematica

For remote logins and file copying on Linux and MacOS-X: OpenSSH

For remote logins on Windows: SecureCRT

For reading email: Thunderbird

For remote file copying on Windows: WinSCP

To receive support, these programs must be run on one of our supported operating systems.

Requests for support for applications not listed above should be made to the Department's Computer Committee. Please contact help@physics.wisc.edu for further assistance. Note that you must send mail from a .edu, cern.ch, or desy.de mail account.

Software available from UW-Physics:

MS Windows and Office (for University owned computers)

Adobe Creative Cloud (for University owned computers)

UW Campus Software Library, including free licenses for software such as

  • Labview
  • Mathematica
  • Matlab
  • Maple


Free software links at DoIT

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