Video Conferencing


Faculty, staff and students may use Zoom by going to

More information.

Cisco WebEx

WebEx can be used by faculty and staff to host online meetings.  It supports sharing of live computer screens, presentations, and so forth. The UW has paid for the license, and there is no additional charge for use. To use it:

Go to

Click “Sign In”.

When asked for your email address, enter your primary UW email address. You might guess that it really wants, but that is only the case here if that happens to be registered as your primary email address. If you enter an address that is not your primary address, it may still go through the motions of having you log in through the UW NetID login page, but it will ultimately fail to let you in.

Once you are signed in, it is relatively straightforward to schedule a meeting or use your personal “room” to meet without scheduling in advance. Anyone to whom you send the meeting URL can join. They don’t have to be a member of UW, and they don’t have to install any special software. People can also join by phone.

More information about using WebEx.

Blackboard Collaborate Ultra

Blackboard Collaborate Ultra is another videoconferencing tool provided for free at UW.  It is usually used within Canvas courses, because it is integrated into Canvas.  However, it can also be used outside of Canvas by faculty and staff.  When used outside of Canvas, participants other than the host must all join using a guest URL and are therefore not authenticated.

Instructions for using Blackboard Collaborate Ultra.

For instructors, we also have step-by-step instructions for tasks such as recording a lecture.

Google Meet

Google Meet is another videoconferencing tool freely available at UW.  Unlike WebEx and Blackboard Collaborate Ultra, Google Meet sessions may be hosted by students, so this is a good option for student-initiated meetings.

Instructions for using Google Meet.

Rooms with video conferencing capabilities

See the list of meeting rooms here.  The rooms marked with video conferencing have a built-in system of some kind.  You can also plug in a laptop and use video conferencing software of your choice such as WebEx.