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Physics 247 Fall 2017 Reference Page

A Modern Introduction to Physics

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Typically OfferedFall; Spring
StudentsUndergraduate, advanced
BreadthPhysical Science
L&S CreditCounts for L&S degree

Calculus-based introduction to physics intended for Physics, AMEP, and Astronomy-Physics majors. Mechanics, waves, thermodynamics and statistical mechanics, topics in modern physics; with computation. A more mathematically rigorous and in-depth introduction to physics than the other introductory physics sequences.

Prerequisites: MATH 222 or concurrent enrollment or MATH 276 or concurrent enrollment.


001Duncan Carlsmith
Deniz Yavuz
MWF 09:55 am - 10:45 am2241 Chamberlin


301Steven Casper
Deniz Yavuz
W 01:20 pm - 02:10 pm2116 Chamberlin
302Steven Casper
Deniz Yavuz
R 01:20 pm - 02:10 pm2116 Chamberlin
303Steven Casper
Deniz Yavuz
R 02:25 pm - 03:15 pmB321 Van Vleck


601Steven Casper
Deniz Yavuz
M 01:20 pm - 04:15 pm4136 Chamberlin
602Steven Casper
Deniz Yavuz
T 01:20 pm - 04:15 pm4136 Chamberlin
603Steven Casper
Deniz Yavuz
W 02:25 pm - 05:20 pm4136 Chamberlin