Awards Archive

Current students: to apply for an award, please see our awards application page. Awards applications typically open in mid-spring each year.

History of Distinguished Alumni Awards

2022-23  Steve Nahn and Ann Silversmith

2021-22  back in person for a celebration of the 2019-20 winners!

2020-21  pandemic – no alumni awards this year

2019-20  Geoff Fox, Nancy Brickhouse, ceremony cancelled due to pandemic

2018-2019 Greg Piefer, Ted Strait

2017-2018 Janet Seger, Michael Zarnstorff

2016-2017 Barbara Wilson, Ray Fonck

2015-2016  Howie Baer, Siu Au Lee, Stephan Meyer

2014-2015  Mark Devlin, Mark Pederson, Tim Stelzer

2013-2014  Roger Stuewer

2012-2013  David Fahey, Lloyd Hackel

2011-2012  Eric Braaten, Allen Caldwell, Gary Hill, Ronald Lockwood

2010-2011  Thomas R. O’Brian

2009-2010  Greg Jaczko, Steven Vigdor

2008-2009  The Honorable Bill Foster, John Wiley, Phyllis Fleming

2007-2008  William Jury, Paul Kaesberg, Wesley Traub

2006-2007  W. Paul Menzel, Stephen L. Olsen, Michael Witherell

2005-2006  Daniel Freedman, Tom Holley, Tom Weller

2004-2005  Arthur Hundhausen, Jay Davis

2003-2004  Anne Kinney

2002-2003  J. Anthony Tyson, John Lynch

2001-2002  Dale Meade, Jeff & Lily Chen

2000-2001  Fay Ajzenberg-Selove