Electronics Shop FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I get work done in the Electronics Shop?

Any electronics repair can be brought into the shop to be looked at. Speak with Billy Gates Jr. and he will fill out a work order to have the repair looked at in accordance with the shop’s repair policy. Any other work, such as fabrication, large jobs, or design work, needs to be coordinated through the shop supervisor, Jim Reardon (jcreardon@wisc.edu, 262-0945). Contact the shop supervisor to have your non-repair type project scheduled.

2. How much will my repair/project cost?

We charge a nominal rate of $10/hour for labor in order to control the work brought to the shop. You will also be billed for any parts or materials used. Electronics Shop expenses be charged out to your funding or grant once a month.

3. When will my repair be finished?

As our goal under normal circumstances the EShop will try to get your repair fixed within 10 working days. This of course is assuming a normal work load and any parts that we need are already in stock.

4. What kinds of things do you fix?

We will make an attempt to fix most anything where electronics seems to be the source of the problem. Please note: our success is largely determined by information provided by you, the customer, and availability of parts. Please bring us a schematic, and any other relevant documentation that you can. Our expertise is in general electronics and we do not possess the training to fix every electronics device that has ever been manufactured, but we’ll do our best.

5. Do you fix computers?

No. Contact DoIT at 264-4357.

6. What kind of parts do you stock?

We have a fine selection of analog & digital components, including op amps, TTL Logic, CMOS, plugs & connectors, wire, switches, relays, resistors, capacitors, inductords, LEDs…see our parts catalog. In addition we have limited supplies of hand tools. The type of stock that we carry is largely determined by what the EShop uses in its daily operations and customer demand. We also have an assortment of obsolete electronic parts, vaccuum tubes, and transfomers.

Shop Staff:

Billy J. Gates, Jr.
Electronics Technician