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Events on Monday, April 14th, 2014

Cosmology Journal Club
An Informal discussion about a broad variety of arXiv papers related to Cosmology
Time: 12:00 pm
Place: 5242 Chamberlin Hall
Abstract: Please visit the following link for more details:
Please feel free to bring your lunch!
If you have questions or comments about this journal club, would like to propose a topic or volunteer to introduce a paper, please email Le Zhang (
Host: Peter Timbie
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Plasma Physics (Physics/ECE/NE 922) Seminar
Study of magnetic reconnection in the fluid regime: The variety of environments and outcomes
Time: 12:00 pm
Place: 2241 Chamberlin
Speaker: Dr. Vyacheslav Lukin, Naval Research > Laboratory, Washington, DC
Host: Jan Egedal
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Condensed Matter Theory Group Seminar
Evolution of the magnetic ordering in iron-chalcogenide Fe(1+y)Te as a function of the level of interstitial Fe excess, y Time
Time: 4:30 pm
Place: Chamberlin 5310
Speaker: Samuel Ducatman, University of Wisconsin
Abstract: We studied the electronic and magnetic properties of iron-chalcogenide Fe$_{1+y}$Te compounds based on the multiband model, in which localized spins and itinerant electrons coexist and are coupled by Hund's rule coupling. Integrating out the conduction electrons, we computed additional couplings between localized spins similarly to the conventional Ruderman-Kittel-Kasuya-Yosida (RKKY)theory. We found that resulting RKKY-like interactions are substantial up to the third neighbors, but are negligible beyond this. We computed the magnetic phase diagram of the modified $J_1-J_2-J_3-K$ model and showed it captures the evolution of the magnetic order in Fe$_{1+y}$Te as a function of Fe excess $y$.
Host: Perkins
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