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High Energy Seminar
Measurement of the WW+WZ Production Cross Section in the Lepton+Jets Final State at CDF Using the Di-jet Invariant Mass.
Date: Monday, October 4th
Time: 2:00 pm
Place: 5310 Chamberlin
Speaker: Pierluigi Catastini, Fermilab
Abstract: The study of Di-boson production represents an important part of the Electroweak Physics program in 1.96 TeV p p-bar collision at the CDF experiment . Di-bosons are of great interest because they provide unique opportunities to test the Standard Model at the TeV scale. Moreover, the process WW+WZ -&amp;amp;gt; l nu + jj shares the same event topology of WH -&amp;amp;gt; l nu + b b-bar, the golden channel for low mass Higgs searches at CDF. As a consequence, establishing Di-boson production with jets in the final state represents a crucial milestone for the development and understanding of techniques used in Higgs boson searches at the Tevatron. In this seminar, we will focus on the observation of Di-boson production at CDF in the lepton-missing Energy +jets final state by looking at the Di-jet invariant mass.
Host: Matthew Herndon
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