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High Energy Seminar
Searching for a low mass Higgs at DZero
Date: Monday, October 18th
Time: 4:00 pm - 5:00 pm
Place: 4274 Chamberlin: Coffee and Cookies at 3:45 pm
Speaker: Joe Haley, Northeastern University
Abstract: While the Standard Model has proven itself time and time again, we
have yet to find the elusive Higgs boson that is central to
electroweak symmetry breaking and also provides a mechanism for
giving masses to fermions. The mass of the Higgs boson is not
predicted by the theory, but indirect precision measurements favor a
relatively low mass. Coincidentally, a low mass Higgs (less than
~130 GeV) will also be the most difficult for the LHC to find due to
the enormous backgrounds. With ever increasing data sets, improved
understanding of backgrounds, and advanced analysis techniques, the
Tevatron experiments provide the best opportunity to find a low mass
Higgs boson in the near future. I will describe the low mass Higgs
boson search at the D0 experiment. In addition to presenting the
most recent results, I will highlight the strategy for performing a
low mass Higgs search and the advanced tools used to improve
Host: Matthew Herndon
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