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High Energy Seminar
Long and Longer Baseline Neutrino Oscillations: Searching for Symmetry Violation
Date: Tuesday, February 15th
Time: 3:00 pm
Place: 4274 Chamberlin
Speaker: Roger Wendell, Duke University
Abstract: Massive neutrinos are one of the first clues that the Standard Model of particle physics is not a complete description of nature. Exactly how far beyond the Standard Model they are though, is a topic of continuing study. At present, evidence for their mass in the form of flavor oscillations has been observed in several sources and has established a global picture of oscillations in two primary regimes. Existing data can be described in large part by mixing between two active neutrinos, dependent upon the ratio of the neutrino flight length (baseline) to its energy, L/E. The presence of the third neutrino, however, may bridge these two regimes through the as-yet-unmeasured mixing angle, $ heta_{13}$. If $ heta_{13}$ is found to be non-zero, the door to a measurement of CP violation using neutrinos will be opened. In this talk I will discuss the physics of very long baseline ($sim$10,000~km) neutrino oscillations including searches for $ heta_{13}$ at Super-Kamiokande. I will also discuss on-going searches for $ heta_{13}$ at the T2K long baseline ($sim$300~km) experiment and prospects for a future measurement of CP violation.
Host: Karsten Heeger
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