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Astronomy Colloquium
Electromagnetic Transients in the Disks of Active Galactic Nuclei
Date: Thursday, November 2nd
Time: 3:30 pm - 4:30 pm
Place: 4421 Sterling Hall
Speaker: Rosalba Perna, Stony Brook University
Abstract: The disks of Active Galactic Nuclei (AGNs) have emerged as interesting
environments for the evolution of stars and the compact objects they leave
behind. The very high density of the medium, combined with torques from the
gas, yield evolutionary paths for main sequence stars which
differ from those in typical galaxies.
Well known transient phenomena such as long and short GRBs may have
a different-than-usual appearance when emerging from AGN disks, and
new astrophysical phenomena, such as the accretion induced collapse
of neutron stars to black holes, may be commonplace in AGN disks.
Host: Ke Zhang
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