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Events During the 2024 Spring Semester

January 2024

   Monday, January 15th
Martin Luther King Jr. Day
   Monday, January 22nd
Graduate School Spring 2024: Spring Degree Window Period deadline for master's students
   Tuesday, January 23rd
Spring semester instruction begins

February 2024

   Tuesday, February 6th
Quantum Coffee Hour
   Thursday, February 15th
Spring recess
   Tuesday, February 27th
Quantum Coffee Hour

March 2024

   Wednesday, March 13th
Dr. Alan Dibos, Argonne National Laboratory
Optical relaxation dynamics of nanocavity-coupled erbium ensembles
1:00 pm - 2:00 pm; 2540 Engineering Hall, hosted by Mikhail Kats
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Dr. Thi Ha Kyaw and Dr. Gaurav Saxena, LG Electronics
Theoretical Chemistry Institute seminar and panel with Dr. Thi Ha Kyaw and Dr. Gaurav Saxena from LG Electronics.
3:00 pm - 5:00 pm; , hosted by Micheline Soley
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   Tuesday, March 19th
Quantum Coffee Hour
   Saturday, March 23rd
Spring recess
   Sunday, March 24th
Spring recess
   Monday, March 25th
Spring recess
   Tuesday, March 26th
Spring recess
   Wednesday, March 27th
Spring recess
   Thursday, March 28th
Spring recess
   Friday, March 29th
Spring recess
   Saturday, March 30th
Spring recess
   Sunday, March 31st
Spring recess

April 2024

   Monday, April 1st
Spring Semester Classes resume
   Tuesday, April 2nd
Election Day - Wisconsin Presidential Primary, including same-day registration
Quantum Coffee Hour
   Tuesday, April 16th
Quantum Coffee Hour
   Friday, April 19th
Graduate School Spring 2024: Request for all Master's and Doctoral Degree Warrants

May 2024

   Friday, May 3rd
Last Spring Semester class day
   Saturday, May 4th
Study day
   Sunday, May 5th
   Monday, May 6th
   Tuesday, May 7th
Quantum Coffee Hour
   Wednesday, May 8th
   Thursday, May 9th
   Friday, May 10th
Commencement: Doctoral & Medical Professional
Graduate School Spring 2024: Master's degree deadline
   Saturday, May 11th
Commencement: Bachelor's, Master's, Law
   Monday, May 13th
Spring Semester Grading deadline
Graduate School Summer 2024: Summer Degree Window Period begins
   Sunday, May 19th
Faculty contract year ends
   Monday, May 20th
4-week summer session begins
   Tuesday, May 21st
Quantum Coffee Hour
   Monday, May 27th
Memorial Day observed
   Tuesday, May 28th
3-week summer session begins