UW-Physics Web Publishing

WordPress Websites

We can host a website for you with an address such as

  • your-research-group.physics.wisc.edu
  • www.physics.wisc.edu/your-research-group
  • home.physics.wisc.edu/your-name

Similar schemes involving other domains owned by the Department are also possible.

Examples: wiqi.physics.wisc.edu, www.hep.wisc.edu/cms, and www.hep.wisc.edu/home/dasu.

You and the people you designate can log in via NetID and edit the site in a browser.  You can easily set up multiple pages, menus, a blog, and incorporate images.  There is a default UW theme, and many other themes are available to configure the layout and appearance of the site.

Graduate students are welcome to use this service too.  However, we can't guarantee to be able to continue hosting the site indefinitely after your graduation.  If you plan to have a longer duration website, consider an external hosting service such as wordpress.com.

To get started, contact help@physics.wisc.edu.

File-based Websites

Instead of using WordPress, web pages can be managed using html files. Contact help@physics.wisc.edu for to get started .

Files put in the "public/html" subdirectory of your home directory are accessible from the web via the URL

Other URLs are possible for group and project websites.

One way to publish personal web content is to configure your web publishing software to use the parameters below.

Access/security Type: SFTP
Server Name: login.physics.wisc.edu
Directory: /afs/physics.wisc.edu/home/yourlogin/public/html

It is also possible to use the "sftp" or "scp" commands to publish web content.  For details, see here.

Department News Items

See instructions here for publishing news items on the news page.

Photo Gallery

See instructions here for publishing images on the website front page and hallway displays.

Course Pages

See instructions here for publishing course web pages.  To update information in a course reference page, see here.

Department Directory

See instructions here for updating information about yourself in the Department Directory.

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